Who We Are

Hydrolyze Ultra is the leader in Cellular Hydration water and is the first of its kind.  Hydrolyze Ultra(TM) is so technically beneficial to one’s body that we had to trade mark the name / process. Hydrolyze Ultra is produced in such a way that the molecules have been re-shaped to allow more absorption then normal water molecules. As well, higher PH levels and Propriety blend with the added minerals allows a faster and more sustained absorption of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin and mineral intake.

Invented by Clustered Solutions Inc, who is the Inventor of clustered water. After hours of discussion  with Fitness Enthusiast Jack Titone, realized the need for a specially designed cellular hydration water. In 2011, Clustered Solutions Inc developed this one of a kind  product for Hydrolyze Ultra. This product is revolutionary and is one of a kind. A clustered water and alkaline base.

Its important to understand that the size of molecules comes into play because the smaller the molecule the easier it is to penetrate the inside of human cells. Also, the higher PH  allows the body to become more neutral in PH.  Acidity is removed at a fast rate.  Therefore, by drinking Hydrolyze Ultra, fitness enthusiast, athletes and competitors will have a significant advantage over the competition.

Hydrolyze Ultra should be taken first thing in the morning. For best results, you should drink one 16. oz bottle 30 minutes before taking any medication, supplements / vitamins, or protein. Drinking one bottle doesn't just taste refreshing, it has more health advantages than any other water. Supporting clinical studies available.

Fitness enthusiast, athletes and competitors need to remember that they should also drink a bottle within 30 minutes of post physical activity for maximum results. The time after your workout is important because it is at this time your body has been broken down and is looking for hydration to allow the muscles to recover more efficiently. For an added advantage many athletes mix their supplements / vitamins with Hydrolyze Ultra.