The Creation of Hydrolyze Ultra Cellular Hydration Water

Lee H. Lorenzen, pioneer of the concept of structured water and inventor of the patented micro-clustering process, began his work in 1985. The beverages he developed were originally introduced in Japan in 1988, and since that time his research has spawned an entire industry of functional water products around the world. Commercial distribution is now underway in, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and now Europe and the distributor in the United States by Hydrolyze Ultra LLC.

 Other waters have emerged claiming the same properties as Clustered Water, but there are no other beverages anywhere on earth that can legally claim more effective hydration than Clustered Water. Cluster Solution Inc. received the first patents on the Clustered Water Technology in 1998, long before other companies were ever a thought. The Clustered Water production process is protected by United States patent numbers 5,711,950 and 6,033,678. Other companies cannot legally offer the same proven benefits offered by our process.

 Hydrolyze Ultra( TM) is made of water which has been purified by the process of water vapor distillation. This is the purest form of water. Hydrolyze Ultra has been modified by magnetism, laser, mechanical agitation and extra energy at the Tetra Hertz level. As well, potassium bi-carbonate, magnesium, silica and calcium have been reintroduced.This allows Hydrolyze Ultra to hydrate at an exceptionally fast rate by hydrating and detoxifying the cells. Hydrolyze Ultra also has a higher PH. Hydrolyze Ultra is classified as a functional water, which means that any food, vitamins, herb, or medication will and can be enhanced.

 Independent laboratory analysis by Shin Etsu Chemical Company in Japan, Associated Laboratories in California, and the French Academy of Sciences have used Oxygen-17 Raman Spectroscopy, and RJL bio-impedance tests to prove that our solutions maximize hydration andimprove cell function (increased phase angle). Additionally, the Chinese Health Care Society recently performed controlled hospital studies on elderly patients and found significant physiological improvements in patient health. If you would like to learn more, Hydrolyze Ultra has detailed information regarding these studies available upon request. Additional testing has also been completed in these independent laboratories in the United States, France and China using Raman spectroscopy and Oxygen -17 NMR.



    * Enhances Metabolic Efficiency                                             

    * Enhances waste removal from cells

    * Improves Nutrient Absorption

    * Improves Cellular Communication

    * Supports Immune Functions

    * Helps Prevent Chronic Dehydration

    * Improves Hydration of the cells

    * Biodegradable Bottle


Patents, support, studies and authenticity available upon request.