Meet The Beautiful, Ann Titone

Resides in STL, MO 

Height 5’3 3/4

Contest weight 127

Occupation  Office Manager of Dental office, Co-Promotor of 4 NPC/IFBB Events across the Midwest, Personal Trainer, Competition posing coach, 


I was born in Hamilton, Bermuda as a Navy Brat.  My parents recently celebrated their 38 wedding anniversary, I have two younger brothers.  I have very strong family ties; my mother is my best friend and Im still daddy’s little girl even in my 30’s.

The biggest adversity of my life was a life threatening car accident. My injuries included a comatose state for two weeks, punctured lung, cut spleen, fractured ribs, compound fractured femur bone, dislocated right hip, fractured left hip, and severe head contusion.  Arch helicoptered to the ER of St Louis University, my parents were gathered only to be told I wouldn’t make it thought he night and if by some miracle I did I would live with life altering damage to my mind and body.

As a teenager I had magazine pictures of Cory Everson hanging in my locker and on my bedroom walls.  I was inspired to start competing in 2007 after getting tired of not fitting into my jeans anymore. I approached my husband, Jack and asked him to put together a workout and nutrition plan.  My first show, which was supposed to be a small event, was the GNC NPC Indiana Regional in June 2007 where I placed 3rd.  I went on to compete in two more shows that year placing first in my class at each show.  I received my Pro status at Team Universe in 2009 placing 2nd.  I have accomplished three of the four goals I have set for my career as a figure competitor including becoming Pro, winning a Pro show and competing in the Olympia.

I am currently employed as an office manager in a general dentist practice and have been there for 8 years.  

My favorite quotes are “that which does not kill me only makes me stronger” and “you must believe it before you can achieve it”

I am proud to be a Hydrolyze Ultra Athlete and Managed by FMG. 


Contest History


2012 Tampa Pro 1st

2012 Optimum Classic 3rd

2012 Pittsburg Pro 4th

2012 Orlando Europa 3rd

2011 Ft Lauderdale 3rd  2012 Olympia Qualification

2011 Olympia 16th

2011 Toronto Supershow 3rd  2011 Olympia Qualification         

2011 Optimum Classic 4th

2011 Orlando Europa 7th