We welcome Jennifer Hollow

Resides: St Louis, MO



Occupation: Medical Aesthetician and student


Favorite Quote: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
I grew up right outside of Boston, MA. My parents had me at a very young age and showed me what strength and responsibility really mean. I have a sister who is 14 years younger than me and she is growing up to be a very well rounded young woman. Not only did my parents show me how to work hard for what you want, they also taught me how important it is to be healthy and fit. These two things are still very important to be now as an adult. 

At the age of 3 I started dancing. This lasted for 13 years and I learned ballet, tap, jazz and modern. While growing up I also showed dogs. I started at 4 and became a junior handler at 10. I went on to the finals at Westminster Kennel Club and 3rd at the Eukanuba Classic, where I won a scholarship for the placement and my GPA. Horses were also a hobby of mine and I have always had a huge love for animals. I moved to St Louis at 21. Being here and away from my family really made me find myself and see direction I want my life to take. 

My goal in life is to help people feel better and be healthier. This is the reason why I became an aesthetician 9 years ago. There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing you made someone feel good about themselves. I am currently working as a medical aesthetician for a plastic surgeon and in school working towards my BSN. 

I truly believe that being healthy is cumulative. Your head, heart and body all need to be nurtured for you to be completely whole. What you put in is what you get out. I also believe that everything happens when it is supposed to. Two years ago I met my fiance, Jamie Speiser. He has the same passions and shares the same beliefs as I do. Together we have really flourished and our inner passion for health grew. This sparked a new outlet for me and that is in the body building world. I am a bikini competitor and have been competing since May 2013. This sport is a great way to see what you are truly capable of and be proud of where you can take your body to. As I grow in this sport, I hope to be able to gain momentum in the other areas of life. Ultimately I strive to inspire people to live healthy and be happy both inside and out! 

Hydrolyze Ultra was added into my regimen a few months ago and I noticed a difference almost immediately. My digestion improved, my energy levels increased, even my skin and hair look better. For my last competition, I was taking the pH formula and my tan came out perfectly! I started to see something that I had learned in school work in my own life. Resorting the bodies pH levels are an essential for your body to function properly. To be able to work with and educate people on a supplement that you truly believe in is so rewarding. I am so excited to be apart of something that was built with balance and over all health in mind. Being apart of this team is something that I am very proud of.