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Competing  on a budget

If anyone is following the news and economy, times are a little tough out there right now.  Our sport is not exactly an inexpensive one  Airfare, hotel, makeup, hair, tanning, suits, fees etc etc etc

Not only that have you noticed how eating healthy is more expensive then eating crap.

 I see more coupons for Krispy Kreme , chips, soda , ice cream.  Come on now show us healthy people some love !

Seriously though what corners can we trim to ease the burden.

Suits are my thing so I always try to advise the gals on ways to stretch your dollars in that department.  When picking colors I show them options in the fabric itself which can shine and twinkle making for less stones needed.  Also keeping resale in mind for the ladies.  Most of us will do our best to work within your budget and planning ahead is always beneficial.  Having only a few weeks to do a suit from start to finish ads expenses as everything needs to be rushed from the seamstress, stones, rush mailing.  This can really ad up.

Another option is getting a pain suit or simply stoned suit and adding more bling yourself.  By having me start the suit you can then add as you like. 

Airfare,  booking in advance is not always feasible but if you can I recommend that.  I was looking at fares to St. Louis the other day and already $100.00 more then a month ago Grr...

Hotel,  the more the merrier look for roommates.  We all like our space but it can be fun and you will not be alone in a strange city.   Just do your research.  Post on a popular Physique site so you can get feedback and all.  I have made new friends this way.

Make up and tanning worth every penny !!!  

Food , do you know anyone in the restaurant business.  You can get cases of certain foods if you have the freezer space.  Just found out our Sam's club has case prices also.

Don't forget to order your case  of Hydrolyze Ultra the higher PH levels and added minerals allows faster absorption of protein , carbs, vitamins, and minerals.  AND costs less then the average bottle water in the supermarket!!  Why pay more when you can have the benefits of Hydrolyze Cellular Hydration for less ??   

If anyone needs advice or help with figure suits,  feel free to contact me and if I can help I will do my best.

Have a great day and thanks for following along.  Prep starts in a week for me fun fun 

Love Lisa


Happy Holidays From Lisa Zisa

 Meet me in St. Louis                                                                  

Looks like the Midwest show March 16th will be my first show of the 2013 season.  Kind of excited about that, I always have a great time at this show.  Also with the  IFBB Figure and Bikini show attached I get to meet women I admire !  

I have a new teamie in town that will be competing also.  That makes training fun we push each other in a friendly competitive way. 

Let's talk about competition.

This sport is judged on our physiques, beauty, & the overall package.   Dealing with jealously in and out of the gym can be hurtful and trying at times. .  

I have had my share of spiteful women talking behind my back.  Wishing and hoping I fail.  I actually had a gym friend come up to me and congratulate me on my placings and hard work.  He also shared with me what others were saying about me.  Not such nice things, not worth elaborating but pretty much hoping I fall on my face.  Yes it was hurtful but validated what I already knew and quite honestly it is their lose for I am a nice person and make a great friend.  I am a little shy at first might come off standoffish.    Most of the time in the gym I put the music on and get er done!!

 Back to my point why waste your time looking at other women or men with jealous hurtful envy.  You have within yourself to be the best you can be.  Everyone has a gift and a beauty about them.  Finding yours comes from within a smile, a kind word.  Or simply just stop!   Stop hating, stop glaring at others as they workout, stop wishing you were someone else.   

 It is not easy sticking to the diet while others are eating whatever they want, drinking, & partying.   At the end of the day we are just normal people we do not walk around in photo shoot attire.  Well at least not in public lol 

I have met such wonderful women in this sport.  Backstage we help each other out.  Encourage and support each other via forums and facebook.  You are truly missing out we are a great group of women.  Say hi and get to know us.

 Off- season is going good despite some personal issues that are stressing me out.  Trying to keep the focus on the positive and letting go of things that I have no control over.  Which is not easy by the way.

Its hard to judge yourself progress wise for we tend to compare to when we are at our leanest.  But hoping not to jinx myself I think I made some nice improvements.  My trainer and I know what I need to work on and I have been hitting it.   We shall see xoxo  

Someone was asking me about Hydrolyze Ultra water the other day and lead me to do a little experiment.  I had been drinking one bottle in the am before coffee.  I stopped for a week and the morning headaches came back and I was not as up and perky as I had been when drinking the Hydrolyze Ultra first thing.  Getting that hydration in first thing is very important.  Especially as we are now heating our homes and the air is dryer inside. 

I have been really concentrating on what I am working on and tuning out what is going on around me at the gym.  Thank goodness for ear plugs.   There are some funny ass shit that goes on in the gym & a few not so funny things.    Humm maybe I will start a side blog  “As the gym turns "  

Diet is pretty clean frustrating at times for I tend to gain easily.   I do not have a big sweet tooth at all but I do / did like my Cabernet.  I had to make a big girl decision and cut that way down alot.   Needless to say I am anxious to see what is underneath the off season fluff.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!  


Love Lisa 

Photo Courtesy of Dan Ray


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