Crystal Green talks about Sexy Shapely Women!

I want to address women and muscularity and why women out there work day in and day out to re-define what a fit women looks like. Growing up we see a lot of fashion models: 5’8”, 110-120lbs and size 0-4models.  Did you read that? A grown woman that is 5’8” + tall, no more than 120lbs and mainly a size 0! That is just such an unrealistic expectation for young girls to hope to be like since mostly, that body type is genetic. What is attainable for EVERYONE is a fit body! 

I know we all want that gorgeous hour glass figure whether that comes with 6 pack abs or not is personal choice. What we should all realize that our weight and shape CAN always be proportional to our height. One of the many issues with young women is an unrealistic view of their own bodies-mostly stemming from an un-realistic expectation of what they want to attain. What if we could teach each one what looks BEST on them and show them how proper diet and exercise can give them an even greater view of self and life! Throw out those fashion magazines girls and check out the fitness magazines like Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers. Do you like what you see? YOU CAN HAVE THAT PHYSIQUE TOO, and make it all your own!

I have a genetically athletic build- meaning I have a straight lined waist, larger than life legs, delta capped shoulders and generally very muscular. Of course I would prefer the leaner legs, smaller waist, and defined proportional arms. I have always done cardio, but I have not always lifted weights and I mean REALLY lifted. I was a prey to the myth that lifting would just make my legs bigger, my belly rounder and my arms bigger than my head. I used to do a lot of cardio and some high rep, low weight body circuit hoping that would help shape and tone the muscle (ahem without lifting- you have barely there muscle anyway!). I was a tri-sport athlete: Cheerleading, basketball and track and field, but my weight never fluctuated no matter how much cardio increased or decreased. I used to blame my overly developed quadriceps for taking up too much weight and my belly for seemingly to store everything. About 4 years ago, in 2009, I hit the weights. I had been doing a lot of research on this hour glass body and super sexy arms and every article swore by adding weights to my cardio. So I started lifting the weight. Within in a month I was already noticing my legs starting to look smaller, my waist starting to curve in and low and behold my arms just followed suit! From then on you could not catch me out of the weight room. I am here to tell you that I achieved my modelesque physique through consistent weight lifting supplemented by only 2-3 small cardio sessions a week!  THIS is ATTAINABLE for EVERYONE!! Each and every one of us have the ability to find an exercise program to help us create those curves we want, the flat tummy we wish we had (or maybe infinite washboard abs), the toned arms we talk about- no matter what genetics card we have been dealt. Your ideal woman should be something that is attainable- so why wish you could be 5’8” when you KNOW you’re only going to be 5’4”? Here’s the Skinny: FIT, SHAPELY girls are the NEW Skinny! Let me tell you why you’re going to love it.

No more hours and hours of cardio and seeing results temporarily and then plateau. No more working and working hours in the gym and still not seeing the results you want.  You get to a plateau and then you wonder what am I doing wrong? If you’re in this boat- then it’s time to start adding some weights to your gym routine! You’ve tried everything else, so why not give [Moderate to Heavy] weight lifting a good go around? Your gym staff should be able to help you with working the machines and introducing you to how they function. Give yourself a full 8 weeks of lifting consistently before you evaluate your results! I recommend evaluating your results through measuring each body part with a tape measure (Arms, Chest, Waist, Hips and Thighs). Often you may see a weight increase even though your body looks toned and bikini-awesome- muscle does weight a little more than fat afterall!  You can find a lot of great beginner weight-lifting routines through various websites online or you can contact me directly to help get you started! I recommend seeking out a dietician to help you figure out the best diet manipulation for your body! They can do this is very easy steps and help you understand how to slim your body while maintaining peak performance nutrition to fuel your daily life!

Before starting any new routine consult your physician to make sure you can begin a new exercise routine and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry water with you for Hydration! WATER IS THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE! Get your water right here for the best Cellular Water on the Market: Hydrolyze Ultra!  Supplement your new routine to the whole new you! Happy Training!



Crystal Talks about Dieting on Vacation


Recently, I was talking with a group of friends about dieting and staying on track even when you have to go on vacation or those short weekend getaways when you don’t have a stove to cook on. I remember the dilemma running through my head as well when I was headed to my first out of state show 4 states away. I had to figure out how to keep 4 days worth of food, so I could stay on track. There are many ways to stick to your diet while traveling, what I am going to share with you is my way. 

The day before I have to head out I make all of my food for the length of time I need (plus 2 meals) fresh that day (If you don’t know competitor lifestyle 101 we normally have all of our food pre-made already and store it even when we are at home). Once everything is cooked,  I start portioning out my food in plastic bags. My all of my non-protein sources get stored it in  their own individual bag according to whatever portion is on my plan. I then put that bag in the plastic container I plan to carry with me for the trip.  I like to pack according to food group so it’s easy to label the containers and I like to use the plastic bags so I have something to eat out of in case I get stuck somewhere.  Once I finish packing everything and getting into the plastic containers, I throw it all in the freezer! When it comes to proteins I actually weigh it in pieces of 1oz. I do this because a huge chunk of frozen protein is A) hard to de-thaw  and  B) hard to get thoroughly frozen (which would be a problem getting through security with).  

Once you get all of your foods cooked, packed, and thrown in the freezer - You will need to carry it in a cooler (not a luggage piece). I’ve used numerous different types of coolers from the small lunch box type ones to my current 6Pack Durus 500- they all WORK and FUNCTION, so just choose one that works for you. The cooler will need to be able to withstand being moved, bumped, squished and can stay cool through heat! So choose wisely! You don’t want to do all that packing and then your cooler ruin your food- trust me that is not a happy day! 

Now, I know you’re thinking- but what about fish and eggs? Yes, you can store those too; however, check ahead to see if the hotel offers your egg whites, or boiled eggs, in most cases, in their breakfast bars. I’ve recently discovered most actually have the boiled eggs in their free continental breakfast! Hotel restaurants are very adaptable and can make your food special if you need- so if they don’t have egg whites out just ask them to boil some eggs for you. In most cases, the hotel will accommodate you (I’ve only found a few places who found my interest in my food to annoy them). 

When booking my hotels I have to do a little research to make sure mini-fridges and microwaves are available (99% of the time they are).  So once you get to your hotel, just unpack your cooler and heat up your food as you go :o)  You can even do a grocery store run for fresh vegetables! It WILL get easier the more you do it, so don’t get overwhelmed  or discouraged so much so that you don’t try it for yourself more than once. This will help you keep costs down while traveling by not having to eat out all of the time AND you won’t pack on 10lbs just because you had to travel.  OH! And you might want to freeze a few bottles of Hydrolyze Ultra so you can take your water with when you fly- Always stay hydrated especially when traveling- climate changes and altitude changes can affect us more than we realize. So next time you’re flying somewhere- don’t just suck it up and eat delivery for the week- pack your own! We do this when we drive, so why not when we fly? 


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